Bayside Seventh-Day Adventist Christian School

Cristina is an outstanding teacher. She masterfully manages instruction in a classroom of 3rd-8th graders. She is committed to standards-based instruction and works to ensure that her students master those standards. To that end, she differentiates instruction, incorporates project-based learning, and effectively utilizes formative assessments to assist her in planning how to best meet the needs of the students in her class. She is connected and communicates well with the families in her class and within our greater school community. Our school and community is a better place because of her dedication and commitment.

Hero Award Sponsored by Daniel Goldstein


Attendance Clerk

Bowman Elementary School

Cynthia is a wonderful asset to the community and culture at Bowman as our Attendance Clerk. She is one of the first people who parents see when they arrive at Bowman, and consistently goes above and beyond her job description. Cynthia is very kind and helpful to all the parents and the students who come into the office. She is a team player, works well with all staff members, and is knowledgeable about the needs of our district, our staff and our school community.

Hero Award Sponsored by Jerry Caveglia


SPED Paraeducator

Brenkwitz High School

Sue Drost has been a para-educator at Brenkwitz High School since 1996. She has been an active and integral part of our faculty: working with students with disabilities in-class, proctoring school wide competency exams, and most importantly developing relationships with students whose learning needs range from reading comprehension to writing skills in order to support them in all subjects. Sue is a sweet, caring, and generous colleague. Her work ethic is beyond reproach, and her ethical teachings regarding life approaches the students' level of understanding, while she works on their growing schema of the world.

Hero Award Sponsored by Andrea Peixoto, HEF Board of Directors


PE Teacher

Bret Harte Middle School

Ms. Fauntleroy is a caring, supportive, open-hearted member of our faculty and school family. She is always looking out for the best interests of her team here at Bret Harte and keeps a positive outlook. Ms. Fauntleroy offers support to other teachers, administration, and classified staff and is truly a team player. As a PE teacher Ms. Fauntleroy has developed new curriculum, received grants, sponsored clubs, and taken students on field trips. She stays involved in school events and activities and can often be seen attending after school events and supporting her students and colleagues in their endeavors. This year Ms. Fauntleroy brought a local artist and performer to our school to see students perform a line dance that they had learned in PE to one of his songs. It was an amazing opportunity for community building and school pride!

Hero Award Sponsored by Sam Falk, Minuteman Press


Parent Volunteer

Burbank Elementary School

The Burbank community is tremendously grateful to Mr. Aurelio 'Will' Medel. He has devoted many volunteer hours, compassion and interest in our School Community. When Will first became a Burbank parent he made a positive impact on the campus. He often approaches staff and asks "Where can I help?" Whether it is a planned activity or an event that requires a little extra support. His first year at Burbank he hosted a workshop for our Coffee with the Principal for parents, he spent 8 weeks without compensation helping students develop their skills as public speakers. This last year he supported not only the Burbank community but also two neighboring schools by bringing the "Unwrapped" program to our families and children in need. Gerard Way said "True Heroes are ordinary people who make themselves extraordinary!"

Hero Award Sponsored by Mark Salinas, City of Hayward Council Member



Cesar Chavez Middle School

Ms. Espinoza is a selfless, dedicated, and committed teammate at Cesar Chavez Middle School. She puts in countless hours to support students and staff on campus. When Chavez had no music teacher, she increased her course load so that students could continue to have music classes. She teaches leadership classes and supports students' programs and ideas on campus. She teaches math and challenges students with well-planned lessons. She facilitates committee meetings and serves on several working committees on campus. And even after doing all of this she always asks if there is anything that she can do to help. Ms. Espinoza is the personification of a hero and we thank her for everything that she's done at Cesar Chavez Middle School.

Hero Award Sponsored by Eden Youth and Family Center & Minane Jameson 



Cherryland Elementary School

Leah Rosenbloom has been a fantastic teacher in Hayward for 17 years. She is dedicated to the success of the students in her class and the success of Cherryland Elementary School. Her voice and leadership shine as a part of multiple committees at the school including PBIS and SBDM. She helps facilitate the student store and organizes rewards for students such as lunch with the principal. Leah has also successfully organized and run the school spelling bee for the past 3 years. Leah is tireless in her work and helps make Cherryland Elementary School a better place for the students, families and staff. Leah is definitely a Hayward education Hero!

Hero Award Sponsored by Alameda County Supervisor Nate Miley & Sara Lamnin, City of Hayward Council Member


PTA Leader

East Avenue Elementary School

Raquel works tirelessly for the students and staff of East Avenue. She is the primary energizing force behind a myriad of PTA fundraisers and events such as the Welcome Back Picnic and Halloween Carnival. Raquel's efforts allow staff and the PTA to bring new experiences to our East Avenue students. We are fortunate to have such an active parent leader. Thank you Raquel!

Hero Award Sponsored by Douglas M. Den Hartog, Sr., President & CEO, The Duke Group & Grant Peterson


PE Teacher

Eden Gardens Elementary School

Anything Renee does she does it with love and passion for our school. She is a very dedicated, hardworking and creative person. She is always thinking of ways to improve and make our school community thrive in every way. The students love and respect her because they see how devoted she is to them and E.G. She is a great leader and teacher. "Renee is a ROCK STAR P.E. teacher at Eden Gardens...she goes above and beyond the call of duty for students, parents, EG staff and colleagues, and HUSD colleagues. From rock star Physical Education lessons to Jump-Rope-For Heart to Playday to PBIS Assemblies to Yearbooks to Student Council to Chili Cook-offs to School Beautification to helping wherever she is needed, she does everything with enthusiasm and a smile."

Hero Award Sponsored by Sean Reinhart, Hayward Library Director & Aaron Marx


PTO President 

Eldridge Elementary School

Mr. Andrade is a great asset to the Eldridge community. He is the PTO president and School Site Council. He volunteers for fundraisers, dances, cheerleading, and many other events at school. Overall, Mr. Andrade is a great person with a big heart. He even volunteers with kinder supervision during lunch. The kinder students love his approach and are very fond of him. We are all fond of him because he is always giving us his best to improve the lives of all members of the Eldridge Community! Thank you for all you do Mr. Andrade!!!

Hero Award Sponsored by Buffalo Bill's Brewery


Parent Volunteer

Fairview Elementary

Lori has been an extremely helpful member of the Fairview community. She is at the school site daily and works with staff to do any task needed. She readily volunteers for duties that others scoff at and puts a great deal of heart into her work. Lori takes the time to talk to teachers and brainstorm ideas to improve school climate including positive message walls, pictures and artwork. Lori has a keen ear for the needs of our students and is always willing to help a student, parent or teacher in need. She embodies what it means to be a Fairview Falcon and is an excellent example of positive parent involvement.

Hero Award Sponsored by Alameda County Supervisor Nate Miley



Faith Ringgold Elementary School

Gloria has been instrumental in the overall success of Faith Ringgold School over the years. She has given countless hours of her time to assure that the children at Faith Ringgold receive not only an academic experience, but that all students are exposed to the arts and sciences the school is known for.  She runs after school art club, STEP club, chess club, and supervises the school garden (just to mention a few). She has a huge heart for children particularly student safety. We are very fortunate to have her and will forever be grateful for all of her dedication, inspiration, and the love she has given to all of us over the years.

Hero Award Sponsored by Les Fohl, Fohl & Hernandez Real Estate


Special Education Teacher

Glassbrook Elementary School

Ms. Guerrero is an exceptional teacher. She provides her special education students opportunities to access the regular education curriculum as often as possible. Ms. Guerrero goes above and beyond for the students, parents and staff at Glassbrook Elementary. Besides her teaching assignment, Ms. Guerrero is in charge of our Student Council, School clubs, and the school-wide carnival committee. Ms. Guerrero participates in several school committees on a regular basis. Besides all of her hard work and endless dedication to the Glassbrook community, she is also a role model and mentor for students and staff. Ms. Guerrero is a loving, giving and caring individual. Ms. Guerrero is well deserving of this award for her commitment and endless dedication to the Glassbrook Community.

Hero Award Sponsored by Dianne McDermott, HEF Board of Directors


Third Grade Bilingual Teacher

Harder Elementary School

Ms. Gould is an active and well-respected member of our Harder community. She volunteers her time and love to build strong relationships not only with her students but all students at Harder Elementary. She also dedicates endless hours building our girls' leadership skills through soccer. She has led the after-school girls' soccer team for the past 5-6 years. Ms. Gould not only dedicates her time to our students but our parents by being an active member of our School Site Council and always participating in our after-school PTA sponsored events. She is always ready to lend a hand to any member of our Harder community!

Hero Award Sponsored by Bryan Matthews, HEF Board of Directors & Dennis Waespi, Director, East Bay Regional Park District


Accounting Specialist

Hayward Adult School for Education & Careers

Devoted to all aspects of her position, we are honored to have such a wonderfully spirited family member of Hayward Adult. She has been helping the adult school community for over 30 years, making sure students’ needs were met with GED business or simply purchasing school supplies. Heidi has also been a vital part of awarding select Hayward youth with scholarships from Scholarship Inc.  We at Hayward Adult know exactly the caliber of support coming from Heidi to keep things rolling efficiently. Even as things evolve with flecks of challenges at the Adult School, Heidi continues to support the school with all her heart. Our 2018 Hero has been a pleasant encounter for so many students and we thank Heidi Louwaert for her utmost passion for providing excellence at Hayward Adult School.

Hero Award Sponsored by Joseph and Marlene Lamnin



Hayward High School

Earl Watts has been a valuable member of the Hayward High family for over 22 years. Mr. Watts has been a dedicated custodian during his tenure at the school, and will soon be retiring. He is always in a positive mood, and you can always expect a smile and a handshake every time you see him. Hayward High thanks Mr. Watts for his years of service and for being our HERO this year. The entire staff wishes him all the best as he enjoys retirement.

Hero Award Sponsored by Larry & Kathleen Ratto & Dianne McDermott, HEF Board of Directors


Child Development Assistant

Helen Turner Children's Center

Ms. King has been a Child Development Assistant working at HUSD for 40 years! When Corliss walks into a room, the whole room lights up. She teaches our children with a joyful spirit and helps them feel as though they can accomplish anything they set out to do. She instills a love for learning in each child she encounters. Her dedication and dependability is unmatched. She takes the bus and BART every day to get to work from her home in Oakland, and she is never a minute late. We are so grateful to have this amazing woman, a true "hero", on our team!

Hero Award Sponsored by Forensic Analytical Consulting Services, Inc


Vice Principal

Impact Academy of Arts & Technology 

In the eight months that Diana has been a member of Impact's community, she's reshaped the way we think about supporting students. Whenever we begin our community building or restorative circles, she names love as her core value. I've never seen someone embody their values as fully as Diana does. She has formed relationships with students who would typically be at the margins of a school community. She makes all around her feel loved and valued.

Hero Award Sponsored by Rick Bartholomew, HEF Board President


Testing & Data Coordinator

KEY Academy 

Ms. Najla is a dedicated member of the KEY Academy team who goes the extra mile every day. She systematically organizes data reports focused on attendance and student achievement to help us best meet our student needs. Ms. Najla regularly demonstrates caring customer service when helping in the front office or working with students and parents on site. She provides homework club intervention support to our fourth grade and is always checking in with children on site. Ms. Najla's attention to detail, determination in task completion, motivation to always help out when and wherever the need arises, and dedication to helping KEY Academy be the best that it can be epitomizes what it means to be part of the KEY Academy team. She is the grease that keeps the gears turning at our school, and her work ethic does not go unnoticed. Thank you, Ms. Najla!

Hero Award Sponsored by George, Gary, & Lynn Pacheco, Pacheco Landscape & Construction, Inc. 


Meal Service Assistant 

Leadership Public Schools - Hayward

Gabriela Encinas is an exceptional person!  Her exceptionality is what we at LPS love about her. In all the roles: meal assistant, enrollment assistant, volunteer, translator, co-worker, friend...everything she is, is who we all hope to be.   She is the most efficient, humble and effective individual one could know.  Gabriela has been such a pleasure both as a parent and employee at LPS. She is always looking out for our students, making sure they have healthy meals. She is so bubbly and always comes in with a positive attitude, a smile on her face, words of encouragement and ready to conquer the day. She has played an essential role on our enrollment team by reaching out to all accepted students to walk them through the enrollment process.

Hero Award Sponsored by Dianne McDermott, Fremont Bank & Al Mendall, City of Hayward Council Member


Office Manager

Longwood Elementary School

Longwood School is so lucky to have Maylee as our Office Manager. There is nobody more patient and kind than Maylee. She is an amazing office manager and her kindness knows no bounds.  All the students, parents and staff know that if they need help or support, they go to Maylee! Longwood School could not function smoothly without Maylee, when she is out we definitely feel it! Thank you Maylee!

Hero Award Sponsored by Hayward Chamber of Commerce


Bilingual Paraeducator 

Lorin Eden Elementary School

Mila Is the Bilingual Paraeducator at Lorin Eden and has been a part of our staff since 1984.  For Mila, it is her strong work ethic, quiet dedication and honest approach to her constant care of our bilingual students that stands out. Mila is and has been a huge part of not only the student lives as they learn at Lorin Eden, but the connection she has with families, who are often past students, and our staff.  I am encouraged by her quiet work ethic and hard-working attitude that she brings to our entire school. Mila has taken care of not only the Lorin Eden students, but also the parents for whom she translates. She has mentored many students over the years, checking in with them, expressing an interest in their day. That brand of dedication is commendable is a gift not only to me, but to all of our students, families and staff.

Hero Award Sponsored by Rick Bartholomew III, Safe & Sound Systems & Joseph Ochoa


Y.E.P. Operations Supervisor 

Martin Luther King Jr., Middle School

Mr. Ricardo Padilla “Mr. Ricky” has been the King YEP Operations Supervisor for several years. He has shown extraordinary character, leadership, and strength at our school site by promoting comradery, motiving students, raising school spirit and making positive attitudes for students, teachers, parents, and staff. Mr. Padilla always goes above and beyond to support not only our school, but our community as well. Mr. Ricky's contribution to the 6th-grade YEP Student Orientation Night, which allowed incoming students and parents/guardians become fully aware of the YEP after school programs, fundraising , which Mr. Ricky organized (i.e. Pennies for Patients, Jeans for Teens), and lastly, Mr. Ricky brought in Dance, Drama and Hip Hop and many other exciting classes and programs to MLKing’s YEP after school program, have made Mr. Ricky a valuable and respected member of the King Family.

Hero Award Sponsored by Francisco Zermeño, City of Hayward Council Member


Special Education Moderate/Severe Teacher

Mt. Eden High School

Jennifer is a new SDC Teacher in a Moderate/Severe classroom that services children with Intellectual delays, Autism and deaf students. Since day one she created a comfortable, safe, and academically engaging environment for her students. She arrives early every morning and welcomes students before school and during lunch so they have a place they always feel safe and welcome. This environment has enabled her students to confide in her and therefore been able to prevent serious incidents as well as boosting their self-esteem. Jennifer always encourages her students to expand past their comfort zones. She has traveled to Sacramento on several Saturdays to watch her students compete in Special Olympics, cheering them on and celebrating their triumphs. Jennifer is able to create engaging and meaningful instruction for her students which motivates and excites them. Jennifer is an asset to Mt. Eden High School.

Hero Award Sponsored by Sean Reinhart, Hayward Library Director & Richard Bartholomew



Ochoa Middle School

Ms. Clarin is an exceptional staff member who goes above and beyond her duties as a Librarian. Ms. Clarin participates on Ochoa's COST team, works directly with students as a part of Mindfulness Groups, and supports the school vision in enacting student voice through events, programs, and assemblies. Ms. Clarin is an integral part of our school community, often working directly with students and parents who need additional support or services. Ms. Clarin's friendly demeanor can be seen each day in the hallways, in the library, or around campus. Her positive energy is contagious, and we are truly blessed to have her at Ochoa! We love you, Ms. Clarin!

Hero Award Sponsored by Dr. María Ochoa


6th Grade Teacher

Palma Ceia Elementary School

Ms. Stephanie Magallon is a dedicated and passionate 6th grade teacher at Palma Ceia Elementary School. Ms. Magallon takes initiative to organize events and fundraisers. She has worked tirelessly to coordinate and lead the fundraising effort to send our 6th grade students to a four-day science camp. Sixty-five students had the opportunity of a lifetime to explore and appreciate the wonders of nature and science!  Ms. Magallon's care for all students is focused on more than just academics. She goes above and beyond to promote character development. Ms. Magallon is a true Palma Ceia panther that is always putting the school and its programs first!

Hero Award Sponsored by Paul & Pat Hodges, Hodges Realty


Attendance Clerk

Park Elementary School

Denisse Aguilar has worked as our attendance clerk at Park School for 2 years. In this time period, she has helped to raise our school wide attendance to the highest gain in the whole district. She has done this by making direct contacts with parents, motivating students with positive incentives and supporting classroom teachers. Her organizational skills and persistence are two of her many areas of strength. We are very proud of her work and very fortunate to have her as a Park Panther.

Hero Award Sponsored by Hayward Area Recreation & Park District - Board of Directors


Resource Program Specialist

Ruus Elementary School

Hunter has a strong desire to assist and support staff and students under the most challenging circumstances. He takes initiative and demonstrates efficient skills as he applies himself daily in his classroom. He reflects on his practice and his instructional expertise to work as a resource specialist. The community, parents and students are pleased with his knowledge and capabilities as he works with students with needs to develop their academic and social skills. He is well respected in our community!

Hero Award Sponsored by Paul & Pat Hodges, Hodges Realty & the Hayward Police Officers Association



St. Bede Catholic School

Jerry is a kindhearted steward who is known as “Grandpa Hartley” throughout the St. Bede community. For the past four years, he has generously contributed funds for our kindergarten play structure, new backboards for our basketball courts, furniture & supplies for our extended care program, sports equipment for P.E., and financial support for our robotics STEM program. He served as a member of a planning committee that was established for a Girl Scout to earn her Gold Award building our Stations of the Cross fruit, vegetable, and wildflower garden. He donated a greenhouse to enrich our students’ hands-on learning & scientific investigation. In addition, he spends time with our junior high students during their outdoor life science classes. Whenever Grandpa Hartley visits our school, he brightens our community with his warm smile and loving presence. We are so grateful for Jerry!

Hero Award Sponsored by Eric & Theresa Hansen and Kevin Dowling



St. Clement Catholic School

Fernando Armas, who we lovingly refer to as "Tio," is the great uncle of one of our Kindergarten students. After retiring from the Milpitas Police Department, he chose to generously donate his Fridays to his niece's school, Saint Clement Catholic School. There is NOTHING that Tio will not do. He has helped our school with plumbing issues, cleaning gutters, sweeping leaves, painting fences, building planter boxes, assembling various items including a storage shed, bookshelves, and office equipment, and much more! Any project, task, or chore that is asked of him by our faculty and staff is done quickly and efficiently. In gratitude of his time, effort, and talent, we would like to recognize Tio for his selfless giving to Saint Clement Catholic School.

Hero Award Sponsored by West Coast Signal & Paul Wallace


Attendance Clerk

Schafer Park Elementary School

Debra Switzer is our Hero for many reasons. As our attendance clerk she works with students, teachers, and parents. She's always helpful and courteous. In our school of over 770 students she's able to multi-task, provide excellent customer service, and still manage to do it with a smile. When confronted with a problem she always looks for a solution that is beneficial to all involved. She doesn't even let a language barrier get in her way. Debbie uses all her resources to try and understand our families and that is why she's our Hero.

Hero Award Sponsored by Jeff McGary, Diversified Mortgage 


Digital Media Arts Teacher

Silver Oak High School

Dyane is such a compassionate individual and extraordinary educator. She is a dedicated teacher, working tirelessly to create lessons & assignments that excite learning & activate the intelligences of the diverse students at Silver Oak. She is an enthusiastic team player, who collaborates effectively with her colleagues to create engaging educational opportunities for all students as well as inclusive policies for the school community. She has creative ideas for projects, community involvement & cultural events, which contributes to the unique programming at Silver Oak. Dyane is an innovator and students past and present alike often return to share gratitude for the skills they acquired in her Digital Media Arts classes. Silver Oak is lucky and grateful to have Dyane on their team. She is one in a million and deserving of all the recognition for her hard work as well as the positive impact she makes on everyone!

Hero Award Sponsored by Dr. Marion Sanchez


Office Manager

Southgate Elementary School

Ms. Pam Sangiacomo is the cornerstone of Southgate Elementary School and is the reason Southgate runs so smoothly on a daily basis. She makes everything work on campus. Her strong work ethic, "can-do" attitude, and positivity permeates though the office. She is the first smiling face that everyone sees when they enter Southgate. She knows the families and students extremely well and has developed deep relationships with many of the families that have had multiple students attend Southgate. Ms. Sangiacomo exudes what it means to be a hardworker and demonstrates the ability to complete complex tasks in a short amount of time. Ms. Sangiacomo upholds a professional demeanor at all times and goes above and beyond her job description.   Her commitment to making Southgate a better place is unmatched. We are so lucky to have Ms. Sangiacomo on our staff. Ms. Sangiacomo truly runs the school and is the heartbeat of Southgate.

Hero Award Sponsored by Judith Harrison


Parent Volunteer

Stonebrae Elementary School

Every year Jenni volunteers in her children's classrooms as well as in the classrooms of her children's previous teachers. She volunteers after school in the art club and in the drama club. She has spent many hours helping with costumes and sets as well as helping with the rehearsals. She helps set up for our annual art show each year. Jenni is a parent who we know we can count on to help us at any time.

Hero Award Sponsored by Barbara Halliday, City of Hayward Mayor


Volunteer Librarian

Strobridge Elementary School

Laura Coon is the epitome of a selfless volunteer. She portrays charitable acts of kindness, a positive approach, respectful demeanor, and an example of an impeccable work ethic. She is thus a role model to students and is our hero. Her volunteer services go above and beyond any of our expectations. Out of all the schools in the Hayward/Castro Valley area, she has chosen our school to volunteer hundreds of hours of her personal time to manage, operate, and maintain our school library. She accepted the challenge of upgrading the school library by analyzing, researching, and ordering thousands of books that met the needs of our students. Mrs. Coons efforts have ensured that all Strobridge students are given access to books that enhance their reading experiences and for that we are forever grateful of her time spent.

Hero Award Sponsored by Alameda County Supervisor Nate Miley & JTB Transit



Tennyson High School

Julie Coronado is one of our special education para-educators who through the years has demonstrated her deep commitment for our students with learning differences. Many alumni students also return to her for academic advice. Julie goes above and beyond for all of our students at Tennyson High School. She understands there is a moral and ethical obligation to serving our students. We are so very honored and lucky to have Ms. Julie Coronado!

Hero Award Sponsored by Valerie Caveglia,  HEF Board of Directors & Paul Frumkin III


RSP Teacher

Treeview/Bidwell Elementary School

What is a hero? A hero is a selfless, genuinely good person, someone who gets the undivided attention of all, and causes change. A hero is willing to put his/her all to aid another. Jennifer Bills is a hero to the Treeview/Bidwell community. As our RSP Teacher, she advocates for our parents and students, always ensuring that our students’ needs are being met while reaching their full potential. Ms. Bills is a team player who is always respectful and courteous to her peers and students alike. While she is the best at what she does, she always remains humble.

Hero Award Sponsored by Marvin Peixoto, City of Hayward Council Member


Partner Teacher/Reading & Literacy Specialist

Tyrrell Elementary School

Phil is a Tyrrell Superstar!! He is the backbone of our reading program, and cares that all teachers are supported, & all children have access to the best help and materials possible! He is an integral part of the Tyrrell community and our mission and vision. Phil goes above and beyond to help guide and mentor teachers as well as provide opportunities for upper grade students to participate in small groups for reading. He is full of knowledge and enjoys sitting down with teachers and helping them structure guided reading groups. He is extremely encouraging and very passionate about meeting the needs of all students at Tyrrell. He demonstrates his leadership within our Professional Learning Community (PLC), joins grade level collaboration, and always works diligently to bridge the gap when teachers need clarification. Tyrrell would not be the same without his dedication, passion, and love for what he does at Tyrrell. Mr. Newport is truly a Hayward Hero!

Hero Award Sponsored by Elisa Márquez, City of Hayward Council Member 


Parent Outreach Coordinator 

Winton Middle School

Ms. Karina Gutierrez, is Winton's top notch Parent Outreach Coordinator, whom has a lovable character, charming personality with staff and parents. The endless acts of kindness that she shares is too many to count.  Ms. Karina Gutierrez touches all those who meet her. You can go into her office, either a parent or student, seeking her advice and she always has time to help--be that listening ear or hug that you need when feeling low. Ms. Karina Gutierrez is more than an amazing individual, she is a friend to all that meet her. She is the most generous person at the school and is a class act in taking care of all of those around her. She really is the epicenter for everyone on staff as well as the families. Ms. Gutierrez goes above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to helping Winton Middle School. She not only carries the title of Parent Outreach Coordinator more like she should carry the title of the BEST ALL AROUND for her heart, passion, generosity and dedication to all.

Hero Award Sponsored by the H.A.R.D. Foundation


Y.E.P. Operations Supervisor 

Youth Enrichment Program

YEP is recognizing Hector Torres for his 18 years of outstanding leadership and tireless efforts in involving students in a safe and supportive after school program in our community. He easily develops and fosters relationships with faculty, students, parents and the community. He goes above and beyond to develop or implement new program elements or ideas. Hector takes the initiative to figure out what is needed with minimal guidance and delivers. In addition, Hector is passionate about providing YEP families with health and wellness support beyond the after-school activities. He takes the time to seek out their needs and works in connecting families to school and community resources such as; food, shelter, mental and physical health. In his work and collaboration, he always prioritizes the students and families we serve. Hector is a true YEP Hayward hero!

Hero Award Sponsored by Diane Laine


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